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When people feel connected
to your brand, they’ll buy

I write copy that sparks connection
And I craft marketing strategies that work

Websites / Sales Funnels / Content Creation / Print and Digital Marketing

  • Grow your business
  • Help more people
  • Make more money

You’ve worked too hard to gamble your business on sub-par marketing.

If your website and sales funnel aren’t driving the growth of your business, then your words aren’t connecting with people like they should, and you’re missing out on sales. You shouldn’t have to figure this out alone.

You Deserve:

  • A Clear Message
  • A Strategy That Works
  • A Guide To Show You The Way

I’ve helped great brands just like yours say the right thing. So they can grow their business, help more people, and make more money.

  • “Jessie is a true expert! She’s talented, easy to work with, and does an amazing job on projects for our business and for our clients.”
    Liz Long,
    Learn To Make A Product
  • “We have a high standard of creative excellence, and Jessie’s work is perfectly in line with that value of our company culture.”
    Anthony Russo,
    Vers Creative
  • “I feel so incredibly lucky to have Jessie as a copywriter. She has turned my words and descriptions into perfection for my website!”
    –Shari Shula,
    Joey James

    Services That Get Your
    Brand Noticed


    that make the sales for you

    Sales letters

    that get you the win

    Lead Generators

    that flood your sales funnel


    so captivating, people actually want to read them

    Automated email

    to transform leads into paying customers

    Hourly Coaching

    and expert advice from a pro who wants to see you crush it
    Get some eyeballs on your business, and some Benjamins in your pocket. A surge in profits could be as easy as getting the words right. You don’t have to do it alone; get a five-star copywriter on your side.

    Getting Started is Simple:

    1. Reach Out

    Claim your FREE 30 minute consult so we can chat about your ideas, your hopes, and your goals. Even if they’re weird. I don’t judge. Plus, no pressure…like ever. (I swear.)

    2. Next Steps

    I’ll email you within 24 hours of our call with real solutions and achievable strategies. I’ll include clear prices and timelines, presented in a way that makes sense. No guessing games or BS. (Banana Splits, for my younger readers)

    3. Be Free

    Because you won’t be wasting your time and energy worrying about marketing your business. Go on vacation, or dive deeper into the work you were born to do. I’ve got this handled. GO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

    4. See Results

    Use your new, expertly crafted copy to spark connections with people and transform them into loyal customers. They’ll notice you’re speaking their language, and they’ll reward you with their dollars.

    Claim your free
    consult call!

    After our call, you’ll walk away with:
    • – A recording of the call for your reference.
    • – A PDF of my notes and quick suggestions.
    • – Next steps to take toward achieving your goals.
    • – Peace of mind knowing you are on the right track.

    Listen, just between you and me, I don’t mind if you’d rather just shoot me an email. It’s cool.

    Get a free 5-Minute Website review!

    Are you missing something that could be keeping your customers from pressing that “Buy Now” button? Let’s get another set of eyeballs on your website so you get most cha-ching out of it.
    Your review is custom based on your unique site, but here’s what everybody can expect:
    • Honest feedback about what’s working and what could be improved.
    • Quick changes you can make immediately to see better results.
    • Ideas to tighten up layout, clarity, copy, and general user experience.
    • Pep talks, cheerleading, and the confidence you need to make that website as great as you are.
    Here’s how to claim your 5-Minute Website Review:
    • Fill out the tiny, little form below.
    • I’ll record myself peeping your site and spitting mad advice.
    • I’ll send you the video in less than 48 hours.