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Is the StoryBrand Livestream Workshop worth it?

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See behind the curtain to get insight from the inside. (Plus six things they don’t tell you.)

If you’re a small business owner or do any kind of marketing for your company, you’ve probably heard about Donald Miller’s book, Building a Storybrand. It’s sold lots of copies, helped thousands of businesses clarify their message and produced lots of big ah-ha moments. In fact, so many people are finally able to see why their marketing efforts have failed and why they should rethink it all. Pretty cool, I think.

If Don’s been on your radar, you may have already signed up for his free 5-minute business emails or heard about the livestream workshop. Maybe you’ve even considered ponying up to register for it. If you haven’t yet made that jump, I’m guessing it may have been because:

  • The timing wasn’t right
  • It seemed a bit spendy
  • You figured you could just use the book and do it on your own

…All totally legit reasons. 

BUT if I know you (and I think I do) maybe the reason was because you had a healthy amount of skepticism about it. Maybe you didn’t really understand what you’d actually get from it, or questioned if it was going to be worth it.

And honestly, why wouldn’t you side eye the StoryBrand Livestream a little bit?! I bet you’re hit with an ad for a marketing makeover workshop every five minutes. They can’t all possibly be the miracle that’ll solve all your problems, can they? Certainly some of those yahoos  behind the curtain are just trying to make a sale, right? At least, that’s always my knee jerk reaction about these sorts of things. (Trust issues, much? I’m working on it, okay…) I think that’s why I especially appreciate reviews. They seem to be the one thing that helps me sort through the benefits/risks. Sometimes you just want to hear an honest, first hand account from someone who’s experienced it.

Now you get to hear from someone who has actually coached it.

First, a little disclaimer.

In full transparency, I am a StoryBrand Certified Guide. That means I am not an employee of StoryBrand and did not help to create the Livestream, but I am affiliated with the company. I’ve been trained and deemed qualified to use the StoryBrand framework to help my clients develop clear messaging for their businesses. But I didn’t just take my training and run. I am kind of loud in the Guide community. I show up for continuing education, roundtables, and workshops. I even help facilitate them sometimes. There is no way my business would be as strong as it is today without StoryBrand and the people who are a part of it.

Buuuuttt, as much as I like and use the framework, I still only serve one marketing god, and it ain’t StoryBrand. It’s good businesses like yours, doing great things in the world. That is who I’m here for. And I think some of them want to know “Should I sign up for the StoryBrand Livestream Workshop?”

While I can’t make that choice for you, I can give you the inside scoop – then you can decide whether to take or leave it.

Buckle up.

You can find out a lot of info here about what to expect, but again, there’s only so much you can learn from a landing page.

Let’s go inside. (Just kidding, we’ll do that in a second, this is the logistic stuff to know beforehand.)

  • First, you sign up and receive a confirmation email that includes the start time of the StoryBrand Livestream Marketing Workshop and a special Zoom link.
  • You’ll also get access to digital assets including the Livestream workbook.
  • On Day One of the workshop, you’ll be greeted by your coach when you enter the “Zoom room.” This is the Storybrand Certified Guide who will be there with you through the entire process to make sure you’re getting it all right. (Spoiler: it’s gonna be Maye.)
  • You’ll also notice other people entering the room. Your group will be about 3-7 other people who are there to clarify their message as well.
  • Before the main session, your coach will formally introduce themselves to the group and give everyone else the opportunity to do the same. You’ll notice a really fun variety of people and businesses.
  • The Guide will provide a run down of how the day is going to go, and then your group will be clicked into the live feed.
  • There will be an intro, and the first module taught by one of the facilitators. (Most likely Don Miller or Dr. JJ Peterson.)
  • They will teach one part of the SB framework in each module. You’ll be asked to follow along in your workbooks and begin to create your own messaging for that corresponding section.
  • Between modules, you’ll have planned time for individual brainstorming, group feedback, and guidance from your coach.
  • There will be two planned breaks and a lunch break each day.
  • At the end of Day 2, you will have a completed messaging strategy, and a “one-liner” ready to roll in your marketing.
  • Depending on your coach, they may also offer you a free follow up check-in or website review once you’ve applied what you’ve worked on. (I do.)

Now for what they don’t tell you, (but is super helpful to know going in).

Here are 6 things attendees should know about the StoryBrand Livestream Workshop: 

  1. Mentally…it’s a lot. 
    A ton of information and ideas are going to be thrown at you. It’s intense. Not like root canal intense, but your brain will still be throbbing because you’ll have so many ideas and feel totally inspired to dive into your marketing. You may even have trouble falling asleep that night because you’re so excited. My suggestion? Enjoy a nice, celebratory glass of wine or iced tea, eat a good meal, and do your best to sleep on it. Don’t try to execute that day or share with your team, or whatever. You’ll wake up refreshed and focused to apply what you learned.
  2. Your website may be featured as an example of “What not to do.” 
    Yes, they use real world examples, even from Livestream attendees, to highlight ways a website could be less confusing and more effective. But don’t let this scare you off. There is absolutely no shaming. In fact, if your website gets chosen, Don Miller will personally be the one giving you a free website review, an awesome perk. And just remember, everyone is there because they know their stuff needs work too. No one will call you out specifically or make you unmute to answer questions. You just get good spirited, helpful advice. This whole thing actually happened to one of the attendees in a group I led, and the rest of the people in our group were popping off in the Zoom chat about how he was famous. It was cute.
  3. You might get more out of hearing from the fellow attendees in your coaching cohort than you do from anything else.
    Yes, you are watching Don and JJ and other StoryBrand pros teach live, but between each module, you’ll go back to the Zoom room with your coach and small group. In that safe space of 3-7 other like minded individuals, you’ll be asked to share what you came up with for that section and bounce ideas off each other. It’s so valuable, and if your coach is good (ahem), they’ll ask others what they think instead of just droning on about what they know.In these Zoom rooms, I’ve heard attendees come up with excellent insights for others, and seen people’s inspiration sparked from the group chat. It’s kind of magical to watch, and honestly one of my favorite parts of the Livestream.
  4. Don’t try to multitask during the Livestream days.
    This workshop is not like watching a prerecorded video course where you can pause and rewind, or half-listen while bathing your dog. There’s simply too much to catch, so you’ll want to give it your full attention. Plus, it’s interactive, so you’ll be asked to brainstorm and answer questions in your workbook and share what you’ve come up with. That said, it’s best to plan on silencing your phone and turning off notifications. Set an out-of-office notice on your email. You’re going to get the most out of your two days if you’re all the way there.
  5. Your coach can help you with more than just the messaging stuff you cover in the Livestream.
    Yes, the focus will ultimately be on clarifying your message, but JJ himself will say this stuff only works if you implement it. If you never put it out there, you’ll never see the reward.The coaches are messaging experts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many run businesses that focus on other areas of marketing too. Once they know you, your business, and your goals, they will most likely be able to give you more customized help or advice.They want to see you win. They’re rooting for you. Be sure to take advantage of their real world knowledge. They are an excellent resource you’re investing in with the Livestream.
  6. Your messaging may not be perfect after Day 2. (With a few caveats.)
    I’m going out on a limb when I say this because I think the SB landing page actually states “2 days to perfect messaging.” So, are they lying or trying to overpromise? No, I don’t think so, because that is what you are there for: messaging that is finally right, effective, compelling, and yours. They have a framework to make that happen and it really, really works.…But I don’t personally love the word perfect. Because, is anything ever really perfect? Messaging and writing and even marketing strategy is subjective and it can be “perfect” or “right” 100 different ways depending on who thought of it. The same applies to your messaging.

You may think a particular section is “almost there” at the end of Day 2, but still  not quite right. You might need to sleep on it, brainstorm with your coach, or take it back to your team at work to get their insight. But the real reason I don’t like to say “perfect messaging” is because messaging in general should be a living document. Your business will evolve and grow, so your messaging should too. Don’t develop your message and shove it in a drawer. Treat it like the strong foundation your copy is built  on, but be flexible enough to adjust it to be better, more true and consistently honest over time.

Bottom line is, I’m confident you will leave the two days with messaging that is SO much better than what you may have had before, and the goal should be to leave with a message you believe in, that will resonate with your customers. A word or two that needs a little zhuzhing is not going to stop you.

So if you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the time, energy, and most importantly, the price tag… consider this. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • All your employees say something different when someone says “So, tell me about your company.”
  • Your website or marketing materials are overcomplicated.
  • You’ve worked on the BrandScript from the book and want to make sure you’re doing it right.
  • You have newer products or services you need to introduce to your customers.
  • Your company has been successful for years, in spite of some outdated and bad messaging.
  • You need to make your business stand out from the competition.
  • You need to hire, and want messaging that attracts the right people.
  • You have something of value to offer the world, and you can’t find the right words to tell people about it.

If these make sense for you, then, yes, I believe it is worth it. I can say with confidence you will get tons of value from the SB livestream and walk away glad you did it.

However, if you:

  • Don’t want to DIY any of your messaging strategy, and just want to pay a professional to do it…
  • Can’t imagine being unplugged from the office for two full days…
  • Already have a clear concise cohesive brand message, but just need new copy for your website or marketing materials…
  • Think you’re going to walk away with a fully written and designed lead generator and expertly crafted automated email sequence you can launch immediately… or
  • Are not ready for the paradigm shift that you are not the hero in the story, but your customer is…

Then, I don’t know, but it’s maybe not for you.

If you’re ready to go for it, I’d love to see you there. You can sign up here using my affiliate link. Then let me know when you did, so I can make sure they add you to my coaching group. If you don’t like me like that and don’t want to be in my group for some reason, no hard feelings. I’m rooting for you anyway.

But I really, really hope you register here.